Story Background

Early Age

From now on, if I look backward for the idea origination of, then it will get me to numerous moments of my thoughts. To some extent, and for how many times, I thought about, I would not discuss it. Besides that, especially one thing, I would like to tell you, that from my school age, I was good enough to reflect my creative writing skills. In college, diverged by the college studies. Owing to which, I used to be a confused, and maudlin person, that what aim I have in my life, and what I wanted to be in future. During this, my elder got selected in forces, and he gained his life ambition, boarded on right track.

College Life

On the other side, not only I lacked my company to spend time, and get studied with him, but also lost support, and started to live without life goals, plus objectives. Lack of my company and support at home affected my individual life as well as my college life studies. During that lifespan, I was feckless in studies, but when I used to saw my brother in forces, he inspired me, always. And I used to think that I have an aim, and life ambition to join forces. During the weekends my brother, he used to guide me, train me, and motivate me, so that I can pass the forces tests. But when the time came, I did not get pass the test. I still thought and was determined that on repetition I would pass, but again it was untoward, and my brother was disappointed, had a wish to see me as an officer. Twice times, I was rejected by the forces. After this, in 2013, I got admission in BS program with IT. Where I had 4 years to complete, but at that time, I again lacked my vision and life goals.

4 Years at University

Before get admitted in the university, I took the decision to choose IT on my willingness, and interest with the video games, and computer hardware. Initially, I faced difficulty adopting IT programming courses. Resulting, my grades were quite enough to promote to the next semesters. Somewhere, in my mind, I had the vision to become a man of great professionalism, who can work everywhere in the world, according to his own desire. And that is what I wanted to be in my life, a man of his own choice, liberty of work, but with great responsibility, professional skills, management capabilities, and self-confident to deliver any type of freelancing project. With the time, I kept on searching that how can I earn money by doing freelancing. Even, I did not know that how I can withdraw money from websites or what is the method to get money from the websites. Actually, this took me much time to search out, and get information about it. In mid of 2015, I bought my laptop, and at the start at freelancer, I used to get paid 0.80$ for writing article of 500 words.

Freelancing Experience

Even, I kept on resisting with my employer that you should pay me higher than it. But she used to say that I am a beginner in this field and will get higher rates after some time. I kept on working with him for two months and left her work due to lower rates. With her, I used to deliver 5 articles daily in 3 hours of time deadline. One day, I felt inside that the work I deliver with that effort does not deserve, such type of rate, and decided to leave her work. And remained unemployed for a month, and then, one day got another employer who suited me according to my desired rate. I worked with him for a time span of 2 years, almost, who was from Malaysia. Working with him was my learning period in freelancing, doing assignments of every field, plus it increased my capabilities in writing skills. In mid of 2016, my father passed away, and I did not remain in touch with him. That time was much hard for me to sustain, but passing some months gave me stability in life. Perhaps, this was the time that I thought to get connected with Fiverr, and initially, I struggled and concentrated to get new clients, there. Also, my graduate studies were coming to an end, and I had to think about future.

Getting My Vision

Many times, I used to think about my plans, that how can I get settled in this industry, if I want to become a man of my own choice. Sometimes, I kept on searching for different ideas, but to some extent, I used to get some knowledge about my ideas. No doubt, it is too hard to become and get know what you want from your life. I was interested in traveling, gaming was much hard to know, even before that I did not know myself internally, but at last, it took me years to find out what I want. And one day at night with my childhood friend (MUHAMMAD Hassaan, from Borrindo), I gave a name to my vision as SpotsInn. The name which made me understood, and gave me the strategical vision to find out the 'spots' whether it is tourism, gaming or freelancing. That was the key point to take out, and execute my plans according to it. I simply began to plan my ideas, made techniques, and impugned analyses. Started my journey to launch "SpotsInn" officially on 14th August 2017. Of Course, it will take time to get stability, but I will never leave what I always love to do, which was traveling, gaming, and freelancing. Above all, I will never forget to mention 'Steve Jobs' who really made me understood, inspired that what I wanted to do. 'Connecting the dots’really helped me a lot. I thank you, all the people who directly or indirectly supported me, in my life.
Always do, what you seek!